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Installation 💿

Requirements 🎒​

Node 12 or greater is required. Development for iOS requires a Mac and Xcode 10 or up.

You also need to install the dependencies required by React Native:

Using the boilerplate 💻​

To create a new project using the boilerplate simply run :

npx react-native init MyApp --template @thecodingmachine/react-native-boilerplate

Running with typescript 💙​

During the installation the cli will ask you if you want to use typescript, tap on the y key and all the requirement will be set. to type check your project just run yarn tsc.

Running the project 📲​

Assuming you have all the requirements installed, you can run the project by running:

  • yarn start to start the metro bundler, in a dedicated terminal
  • yarn <platform> to run the platform application (remember to start a simulator or connect a device)