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Splash screen & loading data ๐Ÿ’พ

In many applications, you need to load data from API before displaying any content. To do that, we built a solid navigation based on a splash screen to load data before the content shows.

How the navigation is build โ“โ€‹

The answer is :

Like it's recommended in the React Navigation V5 documentation ๐Ÿค“

Like everywhere else, the entry point of the navigation is in the root file :

const App = () => (
<Provider store={store}>
<PersistGate loading={null} persistor={persistor}>
<ApplicationNavigator />

Nothing new into the Navigators/Application component too :

const Stack = createStackNavigator()

// @refresh reset
const ApplicationNavigator = () => {
const { Layout, darkMode, NavigationTheme } = useTheme()
const { colors } = NavigationTheme

return (
<SafeAreaView style={[Layout.fill, { backgroundColor: colors.card }]}>
<NavigationContainer theme={NavigationTheme} ref={navigationRef}>
<StatusBar barStyle={darkMode ? 'light-content' : 'dark-content'} />
<Stack.Navigator screenOptions={{ headerShown: false }}>
<Stack.Screen name="Startup" component={StartupContainer} />
animationEnabled: false,

It just contains some requirement like the SafeAreaView for ios, the NavigationContainer bound with a ref to use utils contained in Navigators/utils

How to load data before app open โ“โ€‹

In StartupContainer, the init function is where you can create asynchronous tasks like fetching data

const init = async () => {
await setDefaultTheme({ theme: 'default', darkMode: null })
// Here you can add asynchronous/synchronous tasks

This function is called when the StartupContainer is mounted.