Publish and discover assets in your PHP projects.

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This package is designed for framework developers and package developers. It helps you find "static" assets in your Composer packages.

What problem does this solve?

For your project, you are looking to search through all the installed packages for some kind of resource. It could be:

  • all the classes implementing some interface
  • a set of config files scattered in some packages
  • JS or CSS files
  • ...

We offer a simple solution to solve this problem:

  • Packages publishing assets add a discovery.json file at the root of the package. This file contains the list of published assets.
  • you include thecodingmachine/discovery in your project
  • you use the TheCodingMachine\Discovery class to explore the available assets

A real use case

Discovery should be of great use to framework developers.

Look at the way most frameworks handle the installation of bundles/modules:

  1. you add the module to your project using composer.json
  2. then you need to register the class of the module/bundle/service provider in your project

This second step is completely useless. If a developer adds a Composer dependency, it is almost always to use it. It would be great if the framework could easily explore composer packages and find modules/bundles or service providers by itself.

Discovery allows this:

use TheCodingMachine\Discovery;

$assets = Discovery::getInstance()->get('my_framework_modules');

// This would scan all discovery.json files and returns an array of class names.

In the example above, my_framework_modules is the "asset type". It represents a kind of static assets (in this case, the class name of a framework module).

discovery.json format

In packages publishing assets, put a discovery.json with the following format:

    "my_framework_modules": [

Want to view the full syntax of discovery.json? Check out the discovery.json schema document

Also, an asset type can be really anything, it does not have to be a class name. For instance, you could decide to publish some translation files:

    "translations": [


Simply run:

composer require thecodingmachine/discovery

More documentation

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