Compatibility Compatibility with databases

TDBM uses Doctrine DBAL under the hood to access your database. Doctrine DBAL provides a solid abstraction layer allowing TDBM to be compatible with many databases out of the box.

TDBM is tested with these databases:

  • MySQL (5.7 and 8.0)
  • MariaDB (10.x)
  • PostgreSQL (tested on v12, but v9, v10 and v11 should be compatible)
  • Oracle (11g)

TDBM is not compatible with Sqlite (because the database does not support foreign keys properly)

Known vendor issues

Oracle 11g

JSON columns are not supported

Oracle 11g does not have a notion of JSON column and DBAL casts those columns in CLOB. But CLOB columns have an issue (they cannot be part of a DISTINCT query) that is used by TDBM. As a result, any request on a table containing a JSON column will fail.

BLOB columns are not supported

Due to a limitation in the way OCI8 driver works, the Oracle database cannot accept streams in BLOB columns (it only accepts strings). But TDBM is exclusively using streams for BLOB columns. As a result, TDBM does not support any kind of BLOB column in Oracle.

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