Installing TDBM in Laravel

Laravel 5.x integration


To install TDBM in Laravel 5.x:

composer require thecodingmachine/tdbm-laravel ^5.0


  • Register Nayjest\LaravelDoctrineDBAL\ServiceProvider in your application configuration file (config/app.php)
  • Register TheCodingMachine\TDBM\Laravel\Providers\TdbmServiceProvider in your application configuration file (config/app.php)
The Nayjest\LaravelDoctrineDBAL\ServiceProvider provides a "Doctrine DBAL connection" needed by TDBM. This connection reuses the default database connection used by Laravel.

Generating beans and DAOs

When installation is done, you need to generate DAOs and beans from your data model.

Run the following command:

php artisan tdbm:generate
You must run this command after the installation of the package, and each time you run a migration (i.e. each time the database model changes).

Advanced configuration

By default, TDBM will write DAOs in the App\Daos namespace and beans in the App\Beans namespace. If you want to customize this, you can edit the config/database.php file:


return [

    // ...

    | TDBM Configuration
    | Use this configuration to customize the namespace of DAOs and beans.
    | These namespaces must be autoloadable from Composer.
    | TDBM will find the path of the files based on Composer.

    'tdbm' => [
        'daoNamespace' => 'App\\Daos',
        'beanNamespace' => 'App\\Beans',

Accessing DAOs

In Laravel, you would typically inject the DAOs in your services/controllers constructor.


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use App\Daos\MigrationDao;
use Illuminate\Http\Request;

class TestController extends Controller
     * @var UserDao
    private $userDao;

     * The DAO we need is injected in the constructor
    public function __construct(UserDao $userDao)
        $this->userDao = $userDao;

    public function index($id)
        $user = $this->userDao->getById($id);
        // do stuff

Next step

Let's now learn how to access the database.

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