Frequently asked questions

Is this used in production?

Hell yes! TheCodingMachine has been using TDBM as far back as 2006 in a lot of its projects.

TDBM is well tested, used and stable. It will not fit anyone needs however. If you want to learn more, check out our comparison with Doctrine. Dependending on the use case, we use both ORMs at TheCodingMachine.

Where are the other TDBM versions?

Did you notice that the TDBM Github repository starts with TDBM 5?

This is because earlier version were part of the Mouf 2 framework, and therefore in a Mouf specific repository here.

The Mouf Github repository goes back to TDBM v3.

TDBM v2 was part Mouf 1, hosted on a SVN repository (it was the dark ages of the pre-composer eon)

TDBM v1 was a single PHP file (yes yes...) copied from project to project and now long gone (the first version goes back as far as 2006) :)

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